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Metafro -- Infosys offers a wide range of search capabilities including all major Boolean operators, near search, phrase search, right and left truncation, and the possibility to combine queries. Search results are ranked based on the frequency of the query terms inside the document result set (document "score").

In order to improve your search experience, this guide will help you formulate your queries effectively:

AND search:


  • word1 and word2
  • word1 word2

OR search:

EXAMPLE: word1 or word2

AND NOT search:

EXAMPLE: word1 andnot word2
RETURNS: all documents containing word1 but not word2

NEAR search:

EXAMPLE: word1 near word2
Near search is a search for words in a document that appear all in the document and are located close together. E.g. searching for "Central near Africa" search for all documents that contain both "Central" and "Africa" and both strings are close together (separated by a maximum distance of five words).

PHRASE search:

EXAMPLE: "African research institut"
A special case of Near search is phrase search. Phrase search means that all words of the phrase (usually denoted between double quotes "...") must match in the same order and the distance between all words is exactly one.

Right and/or left truncation:

use the * operator at the end (and/or beginning) of a prefix to search for all words that start (and/or finishes) with this prefix:

  • afri* matches African, afrit, africanize, Africana, etc
  • *ican matches African, Anglican, etc
  • *ric* matche African, Tarick, etc

Combining queries:


  • word1 and (word2 or word3)
  • word1 and (word2 word3) - a missing operator implies AND search
  • word1 and "this is a phrase" search for the phrase AND word1
  • (word1 or word2) and (word3 or word4)


Metafro Infosys is an initiative of the Directorate General for Development Cooperation.
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Last modified 2007-03-20

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