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Pinus aristata   Engelm.
Familia : Pinaceae
Species name according to : American Journal of Science , ser. 2, 34: 331. 1862.

Pinus balfouriana ?. aristata Engelm.; Pinus balfouriana var. aristata (Engelm.) Engelm.;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Borstelkegelden dutch Coster (1993)
bristlecone pine english USA
Colorado bristlecone pine english
Grannenkiefer german
Higori çami turkish wiki
ohteline mänd estonian wiki
Pin à cônes épineux des Montagnes Rocheuses french France
Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine english
sosna oscista polish wiki
Sosna ostistaia russian
vihnemänty finnish wiki
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