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Palaquium spec.  
Familia : Sapotaceae

Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Adie Coster (1993)
Aimela Coster (1993)
Balam Coster (1993)
balam masin Indonesia, Malaysia
Balam Pinag Coster (1993)
balam teruing puteh Indonesia, Malaysia
Balambang Coster (1993)
Benggraai Coster (1993)
chay Vietnam
Chic Non Coster (1993)
Deiwo Coster (1993)
Eriek Coster (1993)
hangkang Indonesia, Malaysia
Hee Coster (1993)
jangka Sarawak Malaysia
Karahietj Coster (1993)
kayu tanjung hutan Indonesia, Malaysia
Kemanah Coster (1993)
Ketiau Coster (1993)
kha-nunnok Thailand
mayang Indonesia, Malaysia
moordooke Australia
nato Philippines
Ngdenghaak Coster (1993)
Nu Coster (1993)
Nyatoh trade name
pali Indonesia
Riam Sarawak Malaysia
Segu Coster (1993)
Suntai Coster (1993)
Suntei Coster (1993)
taban Indonesia, Malaysia
Turtie Coster (1993)
Wedison Coster (1993)
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