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Ocimum gratissimum   L.
Familia : Lamiaceae
Species name according to : Species Plantarum 2: 1197. 1753.

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Ocimum guineense Schumach. & Thonn.; Ocimum viride Willd.;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Africain basil english
Albahaca cimarrona spanish Cuba
Albahaca de clavo spanish Cuba
Albahaca del monte spanish Mexico
Albahaca gratísima spanish
Albahaca montés spanish El Salvador
Alfavaca portuguese
Alfavaca-de-caboclo portuguese Brazil
Avachibavachi gujarati
Balanoi tagalog
Bantulsi hindi
Basilic à fleurs jaune-verdâtre-pâle french
Basilic à thymol french
Basilic africain french
Basilic de Ceylan french
Basilic de Nouvelle Guinée french
Basilic en arbre french
Basilic mentholé french
Basilic suave french
Baum-Basilikum german
Baumier french
Caribbean basil english
Clavo canela spanish
Clove basil english
Ding xiang luo le chinese
East Indian basil english
Elumicha tulasi tamil
Grand framboisin french Antilles
Horapha chang thai Central Thailand Thailand
Indo mebouki japanese
Ka phrao yuan thai Bangkok Thailand
Kattutrittavu malayalam
Kemangi malay
Louro portuguese Brazil
Louro-cheiroso portuguese Brazil
Malatulsi hindi
Menthe gabonaise french
Niam thai Chiang Mai Thailand
Nimmatulasi telugu
Orégano cimarrón spanish
Ostindisches baumbasilikum german
Pale-yellow-flowered basil english
Peruntulasi tamil
Raam tulasii hindi
Ram nepalese
Ramatulsi sanskrit
Ramatulsi telugu
Ramtulasi malayalam
Ramtulasi gujarati
Ramtulshi bengali
Ramtulsi bengali
Ruku-ruku hitam malay
Ruku-ruku rimba malay Indonesia
Russian basil english
Shrubby basil english
South-East Asian tree basil english
Sukshmaputraka sanskrit
Sulasih miyik malay Indonesia
Tankay sinhalese
Thé de Gambie french
Tree basil english
Tree-Basilienkraut german
Tulasii nepalese
Van tulasii nepalese
Van tulsa sanskrit
Vanabarbarika sanskrit
Vriddhatulasi sanskrit
Yira thai
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