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Anogeissus latifolia   Wall.
Familia : Combretaceae
Species name according to : Cat. n. 4015.

Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
axlewood english
axlewood english trade name
axle-wood tree english
bajhi nepali
bakla India
bakli hindi
banghi nepali
bankli India
bejjal India
bejjalu hindi
button tree trade name
button tree english
chakwa bengali
chal hindi
chiriman India
chirimanu India
chirumanu India
dahau India
dandua India
daura nepali
dawnra India
dawu Coster (1993)
dhamora India
dhaori India
dhau hindi
dhau India
dhaura India
dhauri India
dhauta India
dhavada India
dhavdo India
dhave gujarati
dhawa hindi
dhawra hindi
dhemodo hindi
dhendo gujarati
dhobu India
dhounda India
dindal India
dindalu India
dindiga tree english
dinduga India
dohu India
ghatti tree english
golia Coster (1993)
malkanjiram India
marukanjiram India
marukinchiram India
namai India
namme India
raam vietnamese
sheriman India
takhian-nu thai
tellamaddi India
tirman India
uella-nagu hindi
vekaynage tamil
vekkali hindi
velama India
vellagagai India
vellamaddi India
vellanaga India
vellanava India
vellay naga Sri Lanka
vellay-naga India
yella-maddi India
Yerma Coster (1993)
Yung Coster (1993)
Specimens available at the Tervuren Xylarium