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Myrceugenia exsucca   (DC.) O. Berg
Familia : Myrtaceae
Species name according to : Linnaea 30: 671. 1861.

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Eugenia corralensis Phil.; Eugenia exsucca DC.; Eugenia exsucca var. apiculata O. Berg; Eugenia exsucca var. patagua O. Berg; Eugenia exsucca var. peruviana O. Berg; Eugenia exsucca var. temu (Hook. & Arn.) O. Berg; Eugenia multiflora Hook. & Arn.; Eugenia pitra O. Berg; Eugenia temu Hook. & Arn.; Luma corralensis (Phil.) Burret; Luma exsucca (DC.) Burret; Luma pitra (O. Berg) Burret; Luma temu (Hook. & Arn.) Gray; Myrceugenia camphorata O. Berg; Myrceugenia lechleriana O. Berg; Myrceugenia multiflora (Hook. & Arn.) Kausel;
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