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Annona cherimola   Mill.
Familia : Annonaceae
Species name according to : The Gardeners Dictionary: . . . eighth edition No. 5. 1768.

Annona pubescens Salisb.; Annona tripetala Aiton;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Annone french
Anón de manteca spanish Cuba
Anona spanish Guatemala
Anona french
Anona del Perú spanish
Anona do Chile portuguese
Anona poshte spanish El Salvador
Anone french
Atemoya Coster (1993)
Atis tagalog
Cachiman french Antilles
Cachimán spanish Dominican Republic
Cachiman coeur de bœuf french Guadaloupe
Catuche spanish Colombia
Cerimolia italian
Chérimole french
Chérimolier french
Cherimoya english
Cherimoyer Coster (1993)
Chirimólia portuguese
Chirimorrinón spanish Venezuela
Chirimorriñón portuguese
Chirimoya spanish Cuba
Chirimoya german
Chirimoya portuguese
Chirimoya quechuan
Chirimoyabaum german
Chirimoyo spanish Ecuador, Peru
Corazón spanish Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
Corossol du Pérou french
Custard apple english
Fruta do conde portuguese
Grabiola portuguese
Graveola portuguese
graviola portuguese Brazil
Jamaikapfel german
Mamón spanish Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
Mao ye fan li zhi chinese
Noina ostrelia Coster (1993)
Pac spanish Guatemala
Peruanischer Fraschenbaum german
Pox spanish Mexico
Rahmapfel german
Zuckerannone german
Specimens available at the Tervuren Xylarium