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Anacardium excelsum   (Bertero & Balb. ex Kunth) Skeels
Familia : Anacardiaceae
Species name according to : U.S. Department of Agriculture Bureau of Plant Industry Bulletin 242: 36. 1912.

Anacardium rhinocarpus DC.; Rhinocarpus excelsa Bertero & Balb. ex Kunth;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Bouchi Cajouz Coster (1993)
Cajurana Coster (1993)
Caracoli trade name
Caracoli maranon spanish Coster (1993)
Caschou trade name
Chorote Coster (1993)
Espave trade name
Espavel spanish South America
Giant Cashew english Coster (1993)
Hoobodia Coster (1993)
Lacre Rosado Coster (1993)
Maranon trade name
merey montanero Coster (1993)
Mijagou Coster (1993)
Mijao trade name
Pauji Coster (1993)
Pomme cajou french Coster (1993)
Quina Coster (1993)
Wild Cashew english Coster (1993)
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