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Amelanchier canadensis   Medic.
Familia : Rosaceae
Species name according to : Gesch. 79; Torr. & Gray, Fl. N. Am. i. 473.

Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
amélanchier canadien french
amélanchier du Canada french
amélanchier en arbre french
Canadees krentenboompje dutch wiki
Canadian service berry english Canada
Carrasquilla spanish
Cornillo spanish
downy service berry english
downy service-berry english
downy serviceberry p.p. english
Guillomo del Canadá spanish
Juneberry english E North America
Kanadine medlieva lithuanian wiki
Kanadische Felsenbirne german
Kupferelsenbirne german
lancewood english Canada
nespolino del Canada italian
petite poire french Canada
service berry english USA
service-berry english
shad blow english
shad blow service berry english
shad bush english Canada, USA
shadberry english Canada
shad-blow english
shadblow serviceberry english
shad-blow serviceberry english
shad-blow service-berry english
thicket serviceberry english
wild pear english Canada
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