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Eribroma oblonga   (Mast.) Pierre ex A. Chev.
Familia : Sterculiaceae
Species name according to : Les végétaux Utiles de l'Afrique Tropical Française 9: 78. 1917.

Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Assasodou Coster (1993)
Azodo Coster (1993)
Bi trade name
Bi Ivory Coast Tailfer (1989)
Bongele trade name
Bongelé Cameroon Tailfer (1989)
Bongo Central African Republic Tailfer (1989)
Bongo trade name
Boongo Uele Congo - Kinshasa Tailfer (1989)
Bopamba Cameroon Tailfer (1989)
Dototo Coster (1993)
Ebenebe igbo Nigeria Keay (1989)
Eboyo Cameroon Tailfer (1989)
Ekonge Gabon Tailfer (1989)
Ekonge Coster (1993)
Eyong trade name
Eyong Cameroon Tailfer (1989)
Gboyo Coster (1993)
G'boyo Central African Republic Tailfer (1989)
Kokoniko Nigeria Tailfer (1989)
Kokoniko yoruba Nigeria Keay (1989)
Konkoniko Coster (1993)
Kuil Congo - Brazzaville Tailfer (1989)
Lom Coster (1993)
Moan Coster (1993)
Nchong trade name
Njong Coster (1993)
Nzong trade name
Nzong Gabon Tailfer (1989)
Okoko edo Nigeria Keay (1989)
Oporipo Coster (1993)
Orodo Coster (1993)
Oroforofo yoruba Nigeria Keay (1989)
Pohouro Coster (1993)
Poroporo Coster (1993)
Sterculia Coster (1993)
White Sterculia english trade name
Yellow Sterculia english trade name