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Dryobalanops beccarii   Dyer
Familia : Dipterocarpaceae
Species name according to : Journ. Bot. xii. (1874) 100.

Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Angerih Coster (1993)
Binderi Coster (1993)
Kapur Borneo Indonesia
kapur bukit Brunei
kapur bukit Malaysia
kapur gunong Coster (1993)
kapur hitam Coster (1993)
kapur kedemba Coster (1993)
Kapur keladan Borneo Indonesia
Kapur merah Borneo Indonesia
kapur merah Sabah Malaysia
Kapur paji Borneo Indonesia
kapur paya Coster (1993)
kapur pemedas Coster (1993)
kapur peringgi Coster (1993)
kapur putih Coster (1993)
kapur ranggi Brunei
kapur ranggi Sabah, Sarawak Malaysia
kapur sinduk Coster (1993)
kapur sintok Coster (1993)
kapur sintuk Indonesia
kapur tulang Coster (1993)
keladan Kalimantan Indonesia
keladang benang Coster (1993)
keladang djirak Coster (1993)
Kladan Borneo Indonesia
Mengkeya Coster (1993)
Mohoi Coster (1993)
Muri Coster (1993)
Sabah kapur english
Sintik Coster (1993)
Wahai Coster (1993)
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