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Dipterocarpus costatus   Gaertn. f.
Familia : Dipterocarpaceae
Species name according to : Fruct. iii. 50. t. 187

Dipterocarpus insularis Hance (1876), Dipterocarpus; Dipterocarpus artocarpifolius Pierre ex Lanessan; Dipterocarpus parvifolius Heim;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
bank khuoi Coster (1993)
bankouey Coster (1993)
cai Coster (1993)
cay dan tra ben Coster (1993)
chh: ti:l bngku:y Cambodia
chh: ti:l ni:ng dang Cambodia
chhoeu teal neang deng Coster (1993)
d[aaf]u c[as]t Vietnam
d[aaf]u m[is]t Vietnam
dang phaoc Coster (1993)
dau cal Vietnam Coster (1993)
dau cat Vietnam Coster (1993)
dau mit vietnamese Vietnam$FILE/FULLTEXT.html
dau sang nang Coster (1993)
dulia gurjun Coster (1993)
dzao cat Coster (1993)
dzao mich Coster (1993)
dzau cat Coster (1993)
dzau mich Coster (1993)
kanhinni Coster (1993)
kanyin in Myanmar
kanyin ni Coster (1993)
kanyin po Myanmar
kanyin-ywet-the Myanmar
keruing bukit Peninsular Malaysia
keruing bukut Coster (1993)
keruing mara keluang Coster (1993)
kwuu Coster (1993)
leal craham Coster (1993)
lelagan Coster (1993)
neang dang craham Coster (1993)
nha:ng d:ng Laos
nhang deng Coster (1993)
prang prohop Coster (1993)
sa faeng Coster (1993)
yaang bai Coster (1993)
yaang bueang thuai Coster (1993)
yaang hee Coster (1993)
yaang kaen Coster (1993)
yaang kra bueang thuai Coster (1993)
yaang paai Coster (1993)
yang bai Coster (1993)
yang bueang thuai Coster (1993)
yang dang Coster (1993)
yang hi Coster (1993)
yang hua waen Coster (1993)
yang kaen Coster (1993)
yang-kabueang peninsular Thailand
yang-khao north-eastern Thailand
yang-pai Thailand
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