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Cussonia spicata   Thunb.
Familia : Araliaceae
Species name according to : Nova Acta Regiae Societatis Scientiarum Upsaliensis 3: 212, t. 13. 1780.

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Cussonia boivinii Drake; Cussonia calophylla Miq.; Cussonia kraussii Hochst.; Cussonia triptera Colla;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Cabbage-tree english South Africa
Cheluptet Coster (1993)
Common Cabbage Tree english South Africa
Gewone Kiepersol afrikaans South Africa
Kiepersol afrikaans South Africa
Laeveldse Kiepersol afrikaans South Africa Coster (1993)
Motšhetšhe north sotho South Africa
Muengera Coster (1993)
Mwenyiere Coster (1993)
umSenge swazi South Africa
umSenge xhosa South Africa
umSenge zulu South Africa
Specimens available at the Tervuren Xylarium