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Cunninghamia lanceolata   (Lamb.) Hook.
Familia : Taxodiaceae
Other familia : Cupressaceae
Species name according to : Botanical Magazine 54: t. 2743. 1827.

Pinus lanceolata Lamb.;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
China fir trade name
China fir english
Chinese Den dutch Coster (1993)
Chinese fir trade name
Chinese fir english
Chinese Spar afrikaans South Africa
cisha chinese
donghumu trade name
guangmu trade name
jiangmu trade name
jianmu trade name
koyozan japanese
liumu trade name
miaomu trade name
mutoushu chinese
nanmu trade name
pigao trade name
Sa Moc Coster (1993)
San Mu Coster (1993)
sapin de chine french
sha chinese
shagan trade name
shamu chinese
shanmu chinese
shashu chinese
shatiao trade name
Spiesztanne german Coster (1993)
xihumu trade name
yinchenmu trade name
zhengmu chinese
zhengsha chinese
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