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Aegle marmelos   (L.) CorrÍa
Familia : Rutaceae
Species name according to : Transactions of the Linnean Society of London 5: 223. 1800.

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Crateva marmelos L.;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
bael marathi Maharashtra India
Bael assamese
Bael bengali
Bael english
Bael hindi
bael fruit english
Baelbaum german
Baelfruit tree english
baelputri India
Baeltree english
Bah hindi shull persian
bale Maharashtra India
Bau nau vietnamese
Bel bengali
Bel gujarati
Bel hindi
Bel malay
Bel marathi
Bel nepali
Bel urdu
Bel assamese
bel Bangladesh
bel Assam India
bel Jammu and Kashmir India
bel Malaysia
bel Nepal
bel fruit english
bel indien french
Bel indien french
Bel kham urdu
bel patra Nepal
bela Bangladesh
bela India
Bela spanish
Belapatra nepali
Belbaum german
Belfruit english Coster (1993)
Belfruit-tree english
Belgiri hindi
Belgiri urdu
Beli hindi
beli Sri Lanka
Belli gujarati
Belo oriya India
Belpatra kannada India
Belpatra nepali
Bengal quince english
Bengal quince english
Bengalische Quitte german
Berunoki japanese
Bila hindi Bombay Presidency, Surat District, Mandvi India
Bila malay
Bilak malay
bili gujarati Gujarat India
Bilva kannada India
Bilva sanskrit
Bilva telugu
Bilva pandu telugu
bilva pathre India
Bilwa sanskrit
Bnau khmer
bnau Cambodia
Cognassier du Bengal french
cognassier du Bengale french
Coing de l'Inde french
Cotogno del Bengala italian
Cotogno d'India italian
Elephant apple english
golden apple english
Hind ayva agh turkish
holy fruit english Maharashtra India
Igure marumerozu japanese
Indian bael english
Indian bael tree english
Indian baelfruit english
Indian quince english India
Indian quince english India
Indische Quitte german
Japanese bitterorange english
Kathan Taa Then Coster (1993)
kooralam India
Ma Pee Saa Coster (1993)
ma pin Thailand
Maaluraa kannada India
Maaredu telugu
Maaredy malayalam
Maja malay Indonesia
maja Indonesia
maja batu Indonesia
Maja batuh malay Indonesia
Maja pahit malay Indonesia
Malura kannada India
Mapin thai
Maredoo english India
Maredoo telugu
Marmeleiro de India portuguese
Marmelos de Bengala portuguese
Matum thai
Matuum Coster (1993)
Milva spanish
Modjo malay Java Indonesia
Mojo Coster (1993)
Mojo Gedang Coster (1993)
Mojo Gelepung Coster (1993)
Mojo Lumut Coster (1993)
Mojo Pait Coster (1993)
Ohshit burmese
Opesheet burmese
Oranger de Malabar french
Oranger du Malabar french
Pha nong Coster (1993)
Phneou khmer
Pnoi khmer
Quince-apple of India english
Safargal hindÓ arabic
Safarjal e hindÓ arabic
Schleimapfelbaum german
Shivadrumaa sanskrit
Shivaphala sanskrit
Shull. arabic
siri-phal India
sirphal hindi
Slijmappelboom dutch
soiphal Jammu and Kashmir India
stone apple english
toum Laos
Toum laotian
trai mam Vietnam
TrŠimam vietnamese
Tum Coster (1993)
Tum Tang Coster (1993)
Tumm Coster (1993)
Vel marathi
vilram India
vilva Bangladesh
vilva India
Vilva sanskrit
Vilva marum tamil
Vilvam sanskrit
Vilvam tamil
Vilvama tamil
Wood apple english India
Specimens available at the Tervuren Xylarium