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Citrus sinensis   (L.) Osbeck
Familia : Rutaceae
Species name according to : Reise nach Ostindien und China 250. 1765.

Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
apfelsine german
arancio dolce italian
aranshi tigrigna
batavian english
birtukan amharic
bortugan arabic
burtukal arabic
cam vietnamese
chini tamil
choreng malay
chula malay
jeruk manis indonesian
kahel filipino
kamala nembu hindi
kamala nembu bengali
krch psat khmer
larincho mandinka
lemuno mandinka
limau manis malay
makhun thai
mchungwa swahili
Mozambique orange english
muchungwa luganda
musambi bengali
musambi hindi
narangi bengali
narangi hindi
naranja spanish
naranja de China spanish
naranja dulce spanish
nemuno mandinka
Orange english Coster (1993)
Orange french Coster (1993)
orange english
orange german
orange douce french
orange dous creole, french based
Oranger doux french Coster (1993)
orangier french
sathagudi tamil
sava orens pidgin english
somkliang thai
somtra thai
sweet orange trade name
sweet orange english
tight-skinned orange english
tung-chin-thi burmese
Valencia orange english
zoranj dous creole, french based