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Calotropis procera   (Aiton) W.T. Aiton
Familia : Asclepiadaceae
Other familia : Apocynaceae
Species name according to : Hortus Kewensis; or, a catalogue . . . The second edition 2: 78. 1811.

Asclepias gigantea Jacq.; Asclepias procera Aiton; Calotropis busseana K. Schum.; Calotropis hamiltoni Wight; Calotropis heterophylla Wall.; Calotropis inflexa Chiov.; Calotropis persica Gand.; Calotropis procera subsp. hamiltonii (Wight) Ali; Calotropis syriaca (S.G. Gmel.) Woodson; Calotropis wallichii Wight;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
aak India
ak Pakistan
akada India
akalo Ethiopia
akdo India
alarka India
algodao-de-seda portuguese
algodon de seda spanish
algodon extranjero spanish
apple of sodom english
Arbre à soie french Senegal
arbre a soie du Senegal french
arbre de soie french
Baamambé pulaar Senegal
Baawam bawam pulaar Senegal
Bâbâdi pulaar Senegal
Bamambi pulaar Senegal
Bawami pulaar Senegal
boah Somalia
Bodafot serer Senegal
boie canon french
bomba spanish
Bupumdba diola Senegal
calotrope english
calotropo italian
cazuela spanish
chinnajlleedu India
coton soie french
dead sea fruit english
dead sea plant english
desert wick english
dinda Ethiopia
Faftan wolof Senegal
Fafton wolof Senegal
Fogofoko bambara Senegal
French cotton english
Fugofogoïri mandingue Senegal
ghinda Ethiopia
ghindae Ethiopia
giant milkweed english
hortência Brazil
Hugé serer Senegal
Kakod diola Senegal
kipapa The Gambia
kisher arabic
mandara India
mar India
Mbadafot serer Senegal
Mbindadiel serer Senegal
mpamba mwitu East Africa
Mpompompoyolo mandingue Senegal
Mpôpôpogolo bambara Senegal
mudar fibre english
mudar plant english
Mudarpflanze german
Mudarstrauch german
Ngêyi mandingue Senegal
Ngêyi bambara Senegal
Ngoyo mandingue Senegal
Ôgu serer Senegal
oriya India
orkho India
Oscherstrauch german
Poftan wolof Senegal
pomme de sodome french
Pôpopogolo bambara Senegal
Pumb diola Senegal
quimbo Ethiopia
roostertree english
rubber bush english
rubber tree english
rui India
saco de bode Brazil
Sageye djerma Senegal
sans India
seda Brazil
sodom apple english
swallow-wort english
Timpâmpâg mandingue Senegal
tobiaw Ethiopia
Tumfaafia hausa Senegal
tumfafia Nigeria
Turyia djerma Senegal
usar arabic
usher arabic
usher wood Sudan
vellerukku India
Specimens available at the Tervuren Xylarium