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Xylocarpus granatum   J. König
Familia : Meliaceae
Species name according to : Der Naturforscher 20: 2. 1784.

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Carapa granatum (J. König) Alston; Carapa obovata Blume; Xylocarpus obovatus Juss.;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Antai Dambu Coster (1993)
Apura Coster (1993)
Buli Pute Coster (1993)
Cannon Ball Tree english Australia Coster (1993)
Cannonball Mangrove english Australia Clause (1989)
Cannonball-tree english Australia NAT (1983)
Cedar Mangrove english Australia Bolza (1963)
Giliki Gota Coster (1993)
Kabaoe Coster (1993)
Kairu Coster (1993)
Kasi Kasi Coster (1993)
Kewalau Coster (1993)
Kira Kira Coster (1993)
Kontawu Kadea Coster (1993)
Kra Buun Khaao Coster (1993)
Laure Coster (1993)
Mangrove english Australia NAT (1983)
Mangrove Apple english Australia NAT (1983)
Miri Coster (1993)
Niri Coster (1993)
Njirih Coster (1993)
Njirih Betul Coster (1993)
Nyireh Bunga Coster (1993)
Nyirih Bunga Coster (1993)
Nyuru Coster (1993)
Pamoeli Coster (1993)
Puzzle fruit Tree Coster (1993)
Ta Buun Coster (1993)
Ta Buun Khaao Coster (1993)
Wagua Coster (1993)
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