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Syzygium jambos   (L.) Alston
Familia : Myrtaceae
Species name according to : A Hand-book to the Flora of Ceylon 6: 115. 1931.

Eugenia jambos L.; Jambos jambos (L.) Millsp.; Jambos vulgaris DC.; Jambosa jambos (L.) Millsp.; Jambosa vulgaris DC.; Myrtus jambos (L.) Kunth;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
B do vietnamese
Bunlaun visayan
Chm'puu khmer
Ching laotian
Chomphu nam dok mi thai
Chomphuu namdokmai thai
Futo momo japanese
Gulaav jaamun nepali
Jambeiro portuguese
Jambo branco portuguese
Jambo rosa portuguese
Jambomarelo portuguese
Jambomarillo spanish
Jambosier french
Jambu air mawar malay Indonesia
Jambu ayer mawar malay
Jambu kelampok malay
Jambu kelampol malay
Jambu kraton malay Indonesia
Jambu mawar malay Indonesia
Jambu mawer malay
Jambubaum german
King laotian
Ly vietnamese
Ma nom hom thai Northern Thailand Thailand
Malabar plum english
Manzana rosa spanish
Manzanita rosa spanish
Plum rose english
Pomarrosa spanish Puerto Rico
Pomarrosa manzana rosa spanish Cuba
Pomarrosa pomo spanish Dominican Republic
Pomme rose french
Pu tao chinese
Roi vietnamese
Rose apple english
Rosenapfel german
Rosenapfelbaum german
Sitsigiui dzhamboza russian
Tampoy tagalog
thabyu thabye burmese
Water apple english
Yambo spanish Philippines
Yambo tagalog
Yamu panawa malayalam
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