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Shorea smithiana   Symington
Familia : Dipterocarpaceae
Species name according to : Gard. Bull. Straits Settlements, ix. 345 (1938).

Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Awang Borneo Indonesia
berat murut Brunei
Berat Borneo Indonesia
borneo mahogany english Coster (1993)
campega Indonesia
Chempaga Borneo Indonesia
damar tembaga Coster (1993)
elul Coster (1993)
Engkabang Borneo Indonesia
kakan putih East Kalimantan Indonesia
kontoi Coster (1993)
lanan berumbung Coster (1993)
latang lutung Coster (1993)
lempong buluh Coster (1993)
Lempong merembong Borneo Indonesia
Lempong tembaga Borneo Indonesia
light red meranti trade group
light red seraya Coster (1993)
lutung Coster (1993)
Mahambung Borneo Indonesia
marambung Coster (1993)
marapi Coster (1993)
marayapis Coster (1993)
mardungun Coster (1993)
marumbung Coster (1993)
marumbung batu Coster (1993)
meraka belang Brunei
Meraka belong Borneo Indonesia
merambung Coster (1993)
meranti merumbung Kalimantan Indonesia
meranti rambai Brunei
meranti rambai Sarawak Malaysia
Meranti rambai Borneo Indonesia
merubung Coster (1993)
merubung putih Coster (1993)
merumbung Coster (1993)
pengerawan patung Coster (1993)
perawan mansau Coster (1993)
putang sambawai Coster (1993)
Rambai Borneo Indonesia
Seraya merah Borneo Indonesia
seraya timbau Sabah Malaysia
Seraya timbau Borneo Indonesia
seraya timbu Coster (1993)
Tengkawang rambai Borneo Indonesia
ubung ubung Coster (1993)
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