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Shorea faguetiana   Heim.
Familia : Dipterocarpaceae
Species name according to : Bull. Soc. Linn. Paris, ii. (1891) 975; et Recherech. Dipteroc. (1892) 49;Brandis. in Journ. Linn. Soc. xxx. (1895) 95.

Shorea ridleyana King (1893) p.p.;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
ariung Coster (1993)
bam Coster (1993)
bambering Coster (1993)
bangkirai guruk Indonesia
bembering Coster (1993)
bungit Coster (1993)
bunyit Coster (1993)
damar ariung Coster (1993)
damar buah kuning Coster (1993)
damar hitam siput Peninsular Malaysia
damar pakit Coster (1993)
damar siput Peninsular Malaysia
kaa lo Coster (1993)
kala jantang Coster (1993)
kalo Thailand
karambuku lahung Indonesia
kutujung Coster (1993)
kutuyung Coster (1993)
lelanggai Coster (1993)
lempong nyerakat Coster (1993)
lun Coster (1993)
lun siput Sarawak Malaysia
mengburing Coster (1993)
menghuring Coster (1993)
meranti kepala raja Coster (1993)
mid Coster (1993)
mukut Coster (1993)
paramuku South Kalimantan Indonesia
rinchong Coster (1993)
saraya kitan Coster (1993)
selangan paya Coster (1993)
sembuang kijang Coster (1993)
seraya kuning siput Sabah Malaysia
ulit Coster (1993)
white meranti trade group
yellow meranti trade group
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