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Pterygota alata   (Roxb.) R. Br.
Familia : Sterculiaceae
Species name according to : Plantae Javavicae Rariores 234. 1844.

Sterculia alata Roxb.;
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Aai Waen Coster (1993)
anaithondi India
anathondi India
aneithondi India
aneittondi India
buddha-narikella India
Buddha's coconut english
Hua Kaa Coster (1993)
Hua Ling Coster (1993)
kithondi India
kodathani India
labski Nepal
letkok India
Ma Bin Coster (1993)
narikel India
Ngon Kai Yai Coster (1993)
Nom Saao Coster (1993)
pahari India
poola India
porla India
pothondi India
talbe maratattele India
Then ot Phen Coster (1993)
Tong Ching Coster (1993)
tula India
Tuut ee Wot Coster (1993)
Specimens available at the Tervuren Xylarium