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Metafro Infosys is a catalogue of data sets and data sources related to Central Africa (including Angola, Burundi and Rwanda). It is also the Digital Information Centre of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. Our data set includes documents, metadata information on institutions and research projects, library catalogues and collections.

The Metafro Infosys Project has now come to an end and will be integrated into the museum's website (www.africamuseum.be) in the coming months.
As a result, the possibility for external members to upload and browse Metafro content will be discontinued, effective 20 October 2009. We advise you to eventually make copies of your personal contributions.
Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at metainfosys@africamuseum.be. We thank you for the trust you placedin Metafro services over the years.

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Metafro is an activity of the RMCA supported by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

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